Friday, March 18, 2011

Piece of Cake Parties Easter Competition

We want YOU to make us an Easter Picture!  

It can be a drawing, painting or collage.  You can create an Easter cake, display or hat and photograph it. The possibilities are endless! We are looking for you to be as original and imaginative as you can as long as it reflects the Easter theme and what it means to you.


1st Prize - $50.00 Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations Voucher valid for 12 months plus an Easter Goody Prize Pack which will be sent to your door!

2nd Prize - Easter Goody Prize Pack which will be sent to your door!

ALL ENTRANTS will also receive a special participation certificate, 10% off voucher for Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations and a small novelty gift!  So no one misses out :)

The Rules & How to Enter

1. Draw, Paint or Create an Easter picture.  It can be whatever makes Easter special to you.  You can draw or paint a picture (using a colouring in picture is fine), you can make an easter hat, easter cake, easter display and photograph it - as long as its something you create!

2.  Once you have created your masterpiece photograph or scan your creation.  Then email to us at with your first name and age included and an address to send prizes.  All entries must be submitted strictly by the 12th April 2011.

3.  We will then load it to our blog and will announce a winner on the 13th April 2011 via the blog as judged by the Piece of Cake Parties family.

4.  This competition is open to both children, adults and families.  Its just a bit of fun to spread some happiness for the Easter holiday :)  When submitting as a family, make sure you include all names with your entry.  Entry is FREE.

We would love to see you enter and look forward to seeing some wonderful creations!!

(Need some inspiration? Check out the website One Million Giraffes a fabulous idea and adventure by two friends, who gave us the general concept behind running a competition like this.)

(Images from Cakes, Happy Easter Chick, Easter Cups.)

Happy Creating!

Kate xx


  1. Hi Kate,
    It's so lovely to see real parties from real mummies and families. I would love you to visit my humble little blog where I like to share my own pursuit of party planning...which is tricky as I'm also a full time teacher with little time to spare...I'd love to make our parties so special unfortunately time is always a factor. But if you'd like to have a peek..I'd love your comments. Kym
    Please see my blog at

  2. Thank you Kym :) With all the time and effort that goes into planning a birthday party, they simply have to be shared i think! Thank you for leaving your link, i would love to take a look and follow your blog xx