Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pinwheels & Balloons - starting to plan Declan's 2nd Birthday!

So Declan's 2nd birthday is coming up, well ok its in July but still it will be here before we know - so I have been eagerly planning away and getting myself in a tiz and changing my mind every five minutes, as there is just way to much inspiration and gorgeousness out there - its so hard to stay on track!

Decks is my baby and he is an absolute cracker!  He is the cutest, cheekiest child ever and has a wild sense of humour for a little tacker.  He is my little shadow and is under my feet 24/7.  Drives me bonkers at times but my, does he bring joy to my life!

So my personal number one party rule is making the theme personal to your child.

If Declan was old enough to tell me what theme he wanted he would say BALLS!!  The boy is beyond obsessed with balls, he is always playing ball games, rips pages out of books & magazines when he finds one and we have daily heated discussions over the fact that mummy cant pull the ball out of the television that Postman Pats son is playing with, or similar.

So whilst balls seemed the obvious theme choice and hubby was convinced that he could throw a 'sick' ball birthday party, Mummy wasnt convinced.  So we had to do a little compromising and we swapped balls for balloons, another Declan obsession and basically the same thing right, but prettier! :)  So thinking what else he loves, pinwheels!  Since buying some for last years party decorations they have been a regular in our household and you dont ever want to get in between Declan and his pinwheel :P

So 'Pinwheels & Balloons' is our theme for this years party.  Throw in some bubbles, kinder surprises and some ball games outside and our party is pure Declan!

So just a few of the many images I have found inspiring as I start to plan Decky's party!

I find this 'Kite Party' by Tracey Lau just divine! Super cute whilst still masculine and a gorgeous vintage feel that I love and am hoping to portray into Declan's party.  Be sure to check out Tracey's full blog post on her son's amazing party!

I had eagerly been awaiting the new Pinwheels printables that the lovely Vesna of My Little Jedi had been working on and was stoked when it was released not only in the colours I am using but also with balloons as well as the pinwheels. Perfect!

Such a gorgeous way of displaying pinwheels.  Picture via Divine Dinner Party.

These choc coated marshmallow pops will be making an appearance, they look fabulous!.  Marshmallows and basically anything with chocolate and sprinkles is a winner in this house.  Plus i hate cooking especially baking, so this is my sort of dessert :)  Picture from Wendy Updegraff Photography via Hostess with the Mostess - check out the full party, inspired by the movie 'Up' its brilliant!

Kate xx


  1. Hello gorgeous Kate love your blog which im now following and love your post,talk to you soon :)