Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wintry Christmas at Piece of Cake Parties HQ

Well Christmas is nearly here again, only 3 more sleeps!

Here are a few snaps of a little Wintery Christmas dessert table we put on for our Chrissy party with some friends on the weekend.  Our fave part was making the cute little snowman straw toppers, the kids had fun helping put them together! (inspired by an idea we saw in Better Homes & Gardens).  Just a few goodies for dessert - white mud cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, cookies & lollies of course. (vendor credits below)

We would also like to take this chance to wish all of our readers, clients, suppliers, friends & supporters a very Merry Christmas!  We hope you all have a beautiful holiday season, enjoy quality time with your families & please everybody stay safe, especially on the roads.

Piece of Cake Parties store is open all during the holiday season, so we are here to help with all your early January parties!

Merry Christmas xx

Piece of Cake Parties - styling, mini milk bottles, straws, snowflakes, baking cups.
Chelle's Lolly Buffets - glass jars hire, lace trays hire
D'Licious Cupcakes - cupcakes
Kaza's Kookie Kreations - snowmen & snowflake cookies

Thank you ladies for your gorgeous products & wonderful service.  Kate xx

Monday, December 12, 2011

Monster Mash ~ Real Party Feature!

Today's real party feature comes to us from my sister Mel, of my nephew Mayson's 7th 'Monster Mash' Birthday Party!

Using a gorgeous bright colour scheme of green, orange and blue, Mel created this cute table full of yummy lollies & the 'Googly Eyed Monster' birthday cake.  Guests were given cute monster masks, fake tattoos in the Monster Tattoo Parlour & had fun making silly poses in the photo booth.

Well done on this great party Mel, it looked great and the kids had a ball!

Piece of Cake Parties - Tableware,masks, party bags & favors

Kate xx

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rainbow ~ Real Party Feature!

Today we bring you a gorgeous 'Rainbow' party for Kirby's 2nd Birthday, styled by her mum Jodie-Lee of Lee Girl Pretties.

The main sweets buffet featured a six layer rainbow birthday cake, rainbow cupcakes, Oreo pops, Marshmallow pops, and jars filled with rainbow lollies! The little guests were able to choose and make there own lolly boxes and also took home a ribbon wand as their party favors. Beautiful decorations such as cake banner, tissue pom poms and food labels were all handmade by Jodie-Lee. Adore the cake bunting!

A crafts table was also set up and was a huge hit for the guests and everyone got to make and take home their own piece of rainbow art.

I hope you all enjoy this beautiful party as much as I did. Well done Jodie-Lee, i'm sure your daughter had a very special day! Thank you for sharing with us :)

Vendor Credits:
Lee Girl Pretties - cake bunting, rainbow bunting, food labels, tissue pom poms, invitations 
Scissors, Paper Rock - custom rainbow print

Kate xx

Monday, November 21, 2011

Strawberry & Pink Party ~ Real Party Feature!

Birthday parties are about celebrating the life of a special someone.  It doesn't matter if you have a lot of money to spend or a little amount.  It doesn't matter if your details & set up are completely perfect or if they are not.   What makes a birthday party perfect is not only the details but the love and effort that goes into planning and preparing the special day for your loved one and the beautiful memories made of a wonderful day shared with those who matter most.

Today, I would like to show the sweetest 'Strawberry & Pink' themed first birthday, submitted by Naomi Gonelli of her daughter Jemimah's 1st birthday.  The email I received regarding Jemimah's party outlined all the various family members who helped make this day magical and it was just bursting with love & affection, it brought tears to my eyes!

Well done Naomi and all your family who helped put together this gorgeous little party!

Jemimah's mummy made the gorgeous name bunting.  Sweet Strawberry cake made by a cousin.  Cute high chair cover made by Toteally Treasured. 

Jemimah's big brothers 10 & 5 made the cupcakes and decorated them.  Mini pavs made by Grandma and the sweet heart sandwiches were made by a special Aunty.

On Jemimah's birthday, the day before the party, they went and picked the strawberries from a local berry farm.  Pretty striped straws from Sweet Little Birdy. 

The beautiful birthday girl in her special outfit, dress from Isla's Cottage & hat from Lani Banani. 

Again, thank you for sharing the special day with us.  Im sure little Jemimah will look back on these photos in years to come and feel the love and effort put into making her first birthday wonderful!

Kate xx

Welcome to the world Miss Paige - the newest Piece of Cake Parties member!

Hello Everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts and activity on the blog.  How easy it is to forget just how much time a new born takes up and how even the simplest of tasks, like getting the kids in the car or packing a going out bag - seems to take at least half an hour!

Anyway our little princess Paige Scarlette was born at the end of September and its crazy to think she is eight weeks old already tomorrow.  She is a dear little thing and we love her to pieces (and mummy really, really loves dressing her.  How fun, all this pink! )

Cant wait to throw a pink, girly party now!

A big thanks to all our lovely followers who emailed me to say congratulations & send their well wishes. Was very sweet of you and most appreciated!

Glad to be back in action and bring you some more gorgeous real party features soon!

Kate xx

Photo by Verge Studio. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Piece of Cake Parties Web Store Closure Period

Hello :)

Just a quick post that our online store will be closed as of Thursday 29th September 2011 until the end of October 2011 as we are expecting a new addition to our family!  Our third bub is due on the 30th September, so we will be taking time to celebrate the new arrival and adjust to our new family dynamic.

We look forward to helping with your parties & also to releasing our 2011 Christmas range once we return!

Hopefully there should be a blog post or two during this time as well :)

Kate xxx

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Birthday & the best presents ever!

Yesterday was my birthday.  Those who have followed the blog for a while will know that  I'm not really a fan of my own birthday. The whole getting older thing isn't as appealing as it once was and i wasn't that impressed about turning 28.  But age factor aside, it was a pretty awesome day, thanks to my awesome little family.

Last Christmas hubby and I were having the ' What do you want for Christmas' ' Oh, i dont know, i dont really need anything' conversation.  As we really dont need anything, we decided that from now on Christmas, Birthdays & Mother's/Father's day, presents would be selected for each other 100% by the kids.  We would take them to the shop and then they would choose whatever they wanted to buy us.

Declan (2) is a bit little to understand the concept but Ethan (4) has loved it and the presents we have received since doing this have been the best ever.  To receive something that he has thought about in his own little mind and the reasons behind his choosing, well you cant get any more special than that.

For my birthday apparently Ethan wanted to buy me some pajamas but the ones he wanted hubby advised were only in size 8 and thats not mummy's size (what do you mean size 8 isnt my size? )

So instead he chose me - a Fairy colouring in book, because mummy loves fairies.  Some powder foundation and some under eye concealer (what are you trying to tell me Eth? hehe)

(Hubby is also convinced he is going to open his own make up brand, 'cos it was like 30 bucks for some crushed up rocks'.  Thankfully though the colours Ethan picked up were pretty similar to my skin tone, considering hubby didn't even know what the products were for, let alone checking the colour.  That is of course after the checkout lady advised they had brought up the testers and needed to grab the ones behind, hehe!)

After opening my presents Ethan had another surprise for me.  A treasure hunt of presents he had worked on for a couple of hours before bed the night before.  So he led me around the house to all the little hiding places where I received a bowl of wrapped up corn chips, his practice sheet of writing ' mum' and lots of other wrapped up parcels full of his best paper cutting and sticky taping :)

The pride on his little face at everything he had done for me, brings tears to my eyes and is the best present I could ever be given.

Receiving a birthday card from my hubby is also very special for me.  He is dyslexic so whilst something as simple as writing out a birthday card is easy for most of us, for him it takes a lot of thought and concentration. (he was embarrassed when i took a picture of the card but it means so much to me that he puts the effort into writing me a card, so i wanted to share.)

(my card & Ethan's copy/practice of writing ' mum' )

Present time was followed by a quick visit to the Coffee Club for breakfast were it was a race between hubby and I to see who could eat a full plate of bacon and eggs the quickest so that one of us could rush Declan outside to play before his protest of sitting in his high chair, his fork banging or his need to neigh like a horse continuously and as loud as possible, caused complaint by other patrons trying to enjoy a leisurely morning breakfast. Yes we are that family with the noisy toddler, who really should stay home :)

Lovely dinner and cake at home with the boys, my sister and Gran was a great ending to a lovely day! and of course hubby's kiss goodnight and ' Happy 38th Birthday honey' ! Cheeky bugger!

Thanks to all my lovely family, friends and clients who wished me Happy Birthday, gave cards/ gifts and helped me celebrate a lovely day.

Kate xx

Friday, September 2, 2011

Kokeshi Girl ~ Real Party Feature!

I am excited to bring you today's fabulous party feature, shared by one of our lovely clients Michelle, of 'Oh So Party' in Perth.  Michelle designed this stunning 'Kokeshi Girl' party for her daughter Tayah's 7th birthday.  Stunning pink and lemon colour scheme with amazing attention to detail, this party is just wow!

The gorgeous dessert table and fabulous birthday cake!  Love the unique use of the cupcake topper in the marshmallows.

Some of the amazing details - Invitations, place cards, delicious cookies, persian fairy floss & gorgeous milk bottles with paper straws.

Well done Michelle on creating such a beautiful day for your daughter!

Vendor Credits;

Oh So Party - Invitations, Banner, Sweet Cups, Place Setting, Loot Bags, Sweet Treat Decorated Lolly Pops, Miniature Glass Bottles and Tags, Decorated Chopsticks, Plain Lanterns 
Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations - Robert Gordon Lanterns, Straws, Mini Pails
Bella Bambini Birthdays - Cherry Blossom Cookies, Kokeshi Doll Cookies & Cake

Michelle runs 'Oh So Party' a party and event company in Perth who pride themselves on creating a fun and funky look for your next party .  To find out more about this gorgeous business and how Michelle can help you create a perfectly planned and coordinated party,  please visit her page. 

I would like to thank Michelle for sharing her party and allowing us to feature it on our blog.  We would love to feature more gorgeous party and dessert tables for our readers so please feel free to send us your party pictures and details to and you may be our next feature party :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Race Car Teddy Biscuits

'Race Car' has been our top selling boys theme this year, so we thought we would make some 'Race Car Teddies' to share as our party food recipe this week.  Another super simple party food that is loads of fun for the kids to help make, super yummy and just so cute!

What you need:

Mini Milky Ways or similar chocolate bar
Tiny Teddies
Chocolate to melt

1. Melt the chocolate. 
2. Dip sides of milky way into chocolate. 
3. Stick on smarties to make wheels. 
4. Stick teddy biscuit into top of milky way. 
5. Place smartie into chocolate in front of teddy to make steering wheel.


The only problem we found with these is that more smarties made their way into the kids mouth than on the cars and hubby spent more time dipping teddy biscuits into the melted chocolate, cos its just so yum!  Ok, and maybe a milky way or four worked their way into mummy's mouth hehe! As you can see only 6 finished cars made it to our plate :)  Lucky they were just for us and not for a party!

There was some great little changes people had made to these original race car teddies to make into other vehicles such as ranger vehicles for jungle parties etc - if you have a spin on these we would love to hear about them! Feel free to leave us a comment with how you have made them :)

If you have a little one who loves cars or anything with wheels, then be sure to check out some of our gorgeous party supplies for 'Things that Go' Parties!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles
Race Car

Kate xx

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ethan's 4th 'Horsey Cowboy' Birthday Party

It was my big boy Ethan's 4th birthday at the beginning of August and that brought with it his long awaited 'Horsey' birthday party!  Ethan picked his theme for this year's party about 7 months ago and boy has it been a long 7 months with many 'is it my horsey party today?' conversations!

Ethan was very particular that he wanted a horse party and not a cowboy party however mummy was able to eventually sway that slightly as it was tricky finding masculine horse products, everything seemed to be pink but he was pretty sold on getting to dress up as a cowboy so 'Horsey Cowboy' it was!

We set up our back area like a barn and decked out with horse props including saddle and stand, hay, wine barrel, wagon wheel and gorgeous old fashioned boxes.  We set this around our day bed which also acted as our 'photo booth'.

Yummies on our dessert table were toffee apples, wagon wheels, cupcakes, caramel popcorn, milk bottles, malteasers, cookies and cake pops.

Sweet mini glass milk bottles and cowboy boot cups filled with chocolate milk sat on 'the wine barrel bar' and cute personalised horse tableware set the kids table.

Our bucket party bags were filled with horsey treats and sweets as a take home thank you.

It was a fabulous day and Ethan had a blast!

Vendor Credits:  I would like to thank the following lovely businesses for the gorgeous goodies/supplies

Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations - Styling, baking cups, lanterns, striped straws, cowboy hats, bandannas, party buckets, balloons. 
Fairydust Stylish Stationery - Howdy Partner Printables (invites, labels, cupcake toppers, banner etc)
Kaza's Kookie Kreations - Howdy Partner Cookies
D'Licious Cupcakes - Cake Pops
Sharnel Dollar Designs - Mini Glass Bottles
Celebrate Express - Personalised plates, Cowboy cups, napkins, Cowboy boot cups, various decorations
Propagander - Saddle & stand, wine barrel, wagon wheel, old fashioned boxes
Candy Couture - Toffee Apples
Crazy Love Photography - Photography

A big thank you as always to my hubby Anthony who is always the biggest help with the kids parties and he simply wouldn't let me forget the fact that he pretty much designed the dessert table himself hehe! To my sister Mel for all her help with cutting printables and adding finishing touches, most appreciated! To all family and friends who gave lovely gifts and well wishes for Ethan, we are most appreciative x 

More piccies of the party also on our Facebook page 

Kate xx

Please feel free to leave us a comment, we love to hear from you :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Super Sweet Tea Cup Biscuits

Super sweet 'Tea Cup Biscuits' make a perfect addition to any tea party.  So cute and effective!
Here is some that we whipped up with our boys, lots of fun for the kids to help with as they are so easy :) 

What you need: 
Tic Toc Biscuits
Life Savers
White Chocolate (to melt)

1. Melt the white chocolate. 
2. Dip bottom of marshmallow into chocolate and stick on top of biscuit. 
3. Dip freckle into chocolate and stick on top of marshmallow. 
4. Cut life saver in half and attach to side of marshmallow with chocolate to make handle.


Monday, August 15, 2011

'Tea Party' products & accessories by Piece of Cake Parties

Is there anything more gorgeous and girly than a tea party ? Lace, flowers, tea cups, pastels and delicious cakes and pastries, what more could a girl want! 

That said, we would like to introduce our brand new girls theme 'Tea Party'.  A super cute range of products for little ladies, in green and purple with a splash of pink.  Perfect for your tea party table setting!  

To view the full 'Tea Party' range of products and to order see our online store here -  'Tea Party '  

We also have many other lovely products to help create a beautiful tea party for your little (or big) girl! Candy jars, paper straws, cupcake stands, cupcake pedestals, baking cups, paper lanterns, tissue paper pom poms & buntings!  Browse our 'Decorations' section for gorgeous accessories. 

We would love to help you style your gorgeous tea party! Please dont hesitate to contact us if we can help!

And a little tea party eye candy to finish off!

Kate xx

Sunday, August 14, 2011

'Fit for a Princess' ~ Real Party Feature!

Today's party feature comes from one of my gorgeous clients, Anita and I am excited to share her daughter Julia's 'Fit for a Princess' party with you all.

Anita styled a gorgeous pink shabby chic style dessert table laid out with lolly filled glass jars, gingerbread cookies, cupcakes and lollipops.  Soft floral background and gorgeous mirror centerpiece set the table off perfectly.

Beautiful Princess table setting complete with tiara and wand for each little guest.  Love the cutlery tied together with a pretty bow, a simple addition to really make the table special.

The theme was carried across to the 'favour table' where guests received a selection of gorgeous goodies as a thank you.

Well done Anita on such a beautiful party, Julia is one lucky little girl!

Cookies by Gingerbread Corner 
Candy Jars, Gumball Machines, Fairy Princess tableware & party bags, doilies, grass mats, tiara's, favours 

I would like to thank Anita for submitting her party and allowing us to feature it on our blog.  We would love to feature more gorgeous party and dessert tables for our readers so please feel free to send us your party pictures and details to and you may be our next feature party :)

Kate xxx

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Declan's Pinwheels & Balloons 2nd Birthday Party

It was my little man Declan's 2nd Birthday two weeks ago and im excited to share some snaps of his little party with you.  After such a big joint party last year we decided to just do small parties for the kids this year with immediate family, but I still wanted to do a cute little set up to make his day special!

We decided on Pinwheels & Balloons for the theme as Decky is in love with both and we decorated with lots of bright, fun colours.   Declan chose a horsey cake from the Women's Day Cake book, which ive been eagerly awaiting the boys being old enough to do this and found it so much fun pointing out cakes I had as a child from the same book!

Bubble wands and a little bubble machine we had set up were definitely a highlight for all the kids, so simple, but so much fun!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, there are lots - but these special memories need to be shared :)

All  the gorgeous photos shown above by Crazy Love Photography

Vendor Credits:  I would like to thank the following lovely businesses for the gorgeous goodies/supplies

Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations - Styling, gumball machines, Sambellina Tableware, Paper Eskimo Tableware & Baking Cups, Polka Dot Straws, Glass Candy Jars, Balloons & Yellow/Red Robert Gordon Lanterns, Party Bags
Crazy Love Photography - Photography 
My Little Jedi - Pinwheels & Balloons Party Printables
Sharnel Dollar Designs - Mini Glass Bottles & Cake Stand
Kaza's Kookie Kreations - Pinwheel Cookies
Sweet Tashie - Felt Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers
Perth Toy Hire - Kids Tables, Chairs, Chair-covers &  Sashes
One Sunday Morning - Balloon Boy (dessert table centerpiece)
ZippyZippy - Bunting (cubby house)
Giggleberry Creations - Bunting (dessert table)
Taylor'd Events - Bubble Machine
Mon Tresor - Candy Cups (Kinder surprises were in)
Candy Soirees - Blue Robert Gordon Paper Lanterns
Letter D Parties - Mini Baskets
My lovely friend Cassey - Chocolate cake on dessert table 

I would also like to say a huge huge thanks to my hubby Anthony, who is such a wonderful help with organising the kids parties!  Also to all my family who helped on the day with cleaning up, taking photos etc its most appreciated. To all my family immediate and extended & friends who gave gifts for Declan, we really appreciate all the beautiful pressies! 

Hope you enjoyed Decky's little celebration!

Kate xx