Monday, November 21, 2011

Welcome to the world Miss Paige - the newest Piece of Cake Parties member!

Hello Everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts and activity on the blog.  How easy it is to forget just how much time a new born takes up and how even the simplest of tasks, like getting the kids in the car or packing a going out bag - seems to take at least half an hour!

Anyway our little princess Paige Scarlette was born at the end of September and its crazy to think she is eight weeks old already tomorrow.  She is a dear little thing and we love her to pieces (and mummy really, really loves dressing her.  How fun, all this pink! )

Cant wait to throw a pink, girly party now!

A big thanks to all our lovely followers who emailed me to say congratulations & send their well wishes. Was very sweet of you and most appreciated!

Glad to be back in action and bring you some more gorgeous real party features soon!

Kate xx

Photo by Verge Studio. 


  1. She's beautiful, Kate! Congratulations to you and your family. It really is a treat for a Mum of boys to have a little girl to love... and to dress!!! Enjoy her, as I'm certain you all will. And I just know that the birthday party is well and truly in the making!!! :)... Naomi

  2. Thank you very much Naomi. It is exciting and oh the dressing up, heaven! Hehe i must admit i was thinking girly parties before she was even born. I love doing my boys parties but gosh will i have fun being able to decorate in pink :) thanks again Kate x