Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Birthday & the best presents ever!

Yesterday was my birthday.  Those who have followed the blog for a while will know that  I'm not really a fan of my own birthday. The whole getting older thing isn't as appealing as it once was and i wasn't that impressed about turning 28.  But age factor aside, it was a pretty awesome day, thanks to my awesome little family.

Last Christmas hubby and I were having the ' What do you want for Christmas' ' Oh, i dont know, i dont really need anything' conversation.  As we really dont need anything, we decided that from now on Christmas, Birthdays & Mother's/Father's day, presents would be selected for each other 100% by the kids.  We would take them to the shop and then they would choose whatever they wanted to buy us.

Declan (2) is a bit little to understand the concept but Ethan (4) has loved it and the presents we have received since doing this have been the best ever.  To receive something that he has thought about in his own little mind and the reasons behind his choosing, well you cant get any more special than that.

For my birthday apparently Ethan wanted to buy me some pajamas but the ones he wanted hubby advised were only in size 8 and thats not mummy's size (what do you mean size 8 isnt my size? )

So instead he chose me - a Fairy colouring in book, because mummy loves fairies.  Some powder foundation and some under eye concealer (what are you trying to tell me Eth? hehe)

(Hubby is also convinced he is going to open his own make up brand, 'cos it was like 30 bucks for some crushed up rocks'.  Thankfully though the colours Ethan picked up were pretty similar to my skin tone, considering hubby didn't even know what the products were for, let alone checking the colour.  That is of course after the checkout lady advised they had brought up the testers and needed to grab the ones behind, hehe!)

After opening my presents Ethan had another surprise for me.  A treasure hunt of presents he had worked on for a couple of hours before bed the night before.  So he led me around the house to all the little hiding places where I received a bowl of wrapped up corn chips, his practice sheet of writing ' mum' and lots of other wrapped up parcels full of his best paper cutting and sticky taping :)

The pride on his little face at everything he had done for me, brings tears to my eyes and is the best present I could ever be given.

Receiving a birthday card from my hubby is also very special for me.  He is dyslexic so whilst something as simple as writing out a birthday card is easy for most of us, for him it takes a lot of thought and concentration. (he was embarrassed when i took a picture of the card but it means so much to me that he puts the effort into writing me a card, so i wanted to share.)

(my card & Ethan's copy/practice of writing ' mum' )

Present time was followed by a quick visit to the Coffee Club for breakfast were it was a race between hubby and I to see who could eat a full plate of bacon and eggs the quickest so that one of us could rush Declan outside to play before his protest of sitting in his high chair, his fork banging or his need to neigh like a horse continuously and as loud as possible, caused complaint by other patrons trying to enjoy a leisurely morning breakfast. Yes we are that family with the noisy toddler, who really should stay home :)

Lovely dinner and cake at home with the boys, my sister and Gran was a great ending to a lovely day! and of course hubby's kiss goodnight and ' Happy 38th Birthday honey' ! Cheeky bugger!

Thanks to all my lovely family, friends and clients who wished me Happy Birthday, gave cards/ gifts and helped me celebrate a lovely day.

Kate xx


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