Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

I Love Birthdays. Well, all birthdays except my own that is.

The thrill of my birthday wore off once I became a ‘grown up’ and I don’t usually do much, but since my family were all going to come up to see me anyway I figured on Thursday, why not put on a pretty afternoon tea , just for fun! Plus I really wanted to test out some of the cute girly products I have in stock, all the pink ones of course! In a home with three boys there isn’t much room for pink so it was lovely to set up a really girly table.

For my table I pulled things from around my house to decorate the table plus pink plates, gorgeous polka dot napkins and pink stripe straws in bottles of red creaming soda. So much more fun drinking out of a funky straw :)

Also used gorgeous ‘Pink Spot’ cupcake wrappers that I have recently added to our range from The Cupcake Wrapper Co. Now these look gorgeous in the pack but to actually use them on the cakes, they are just awesome! I love them, they really did make all the difference and along with some gorgeous handmade cupcake toppers, made simply decorated cupcakes look divine.
A big thanks also to my lovely sister for making me a super cute pink birthday cake!

As I was sharing my birthday with Father’s Day this year, we had the afternoon tea on Saturday so everyone could just relax and enjoy the afternoon. It really was lovely to do something nice for my birthday and amazing how something as simple as a pretty table can really make it feel that extra bit special. That and beautiful family of course :)

Kate xxx
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  1. How lovely Kate! Sometimes it's really nice to put on an afternoon tea...Happy birthday! Hope it was wonderful! x Stacey
    p.s. saw your interview on My Little Jedi and thought I'd follow your blog!