Saturday, August 28, 2010

How We Made our Rainbow Birthday Cake

We recently had our boys Ethan & Declan’s birthday party (see our post below) and decided to make a rainbow cake for one of them. Since showing you our pics we have had many requests on how we did it, so here I share with you our super secret recipe!

Not really for me the more time I spend out of the kitchen the better, im not a fan of cooking! We actually just used a packet cake mix. Now before I go on just a reminder I/ we are in no way cake makers/decorators and we dont sell cakes, we are simply a Mum and a Dad who were making their boys a birthday cake and this is how we did it

We were making a large base cake, our tin was 30cm so we used 4 vanilla cake mixes.

- Mix up your cake mix or make up your mix if using a recipe according to the instructions.

- Decide how many colours you would like to use. We used 6 in ours. Split the mix into even amounts in separate bowls. Add a colour to each bowl of mix and mix it in. We used both Wilton cake decorating colours and also just your regular food colouring that you buy at the supermarket and both worked perfectly.

- Grease your tin, its always good to remember that! Then choose one colour and pour the mix into the centre of your pan. Repeat this process with your other colours. Pour each colour into the centre of your pan, on top of the other colours. The mix will spread to the edge of your pan as you add more colours.

- Bake your cake.

- Then when its baked and cooled you should have a bright array of colours when you cut your cake

We were concerned the first time we made it as the top went quite brown so we didnt think it would work out but this didnt have any effect on the inside once we cut it, it looked excellent. It was all covered with icing anyway so didnt really matter.

As our cake was so big we did all 6 colours in one hit, however if you are using a smaller cake pan it may be better to split your mix in half, add one half of your colours and bake and then do the same with the other half and once both are baked, put them on top of one another. Just another way we have seen it done when making a smaller cake.

So there you have it, super easy but it really does make an impact especially to little ones! Good luck with yours!

Kate xx


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