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'Inspiring Party Parents' ~ Meet Kylie from InspireCreateDesign

Being a work at home Mum I love to find other like-minded  Mums/Parents who have turned their passion for all things 'party' into a business where they can share that passion with others and help them create magical celebrations for their little ones.  I love chatting with such business parents to help spread the word about the great services they offer and also get their top tips on how we can host fun and memorable parties of our own.

Today I would like to introduce you to Kylie Duff from Inspire Create Design.  Along with being one of my lovely directory advertisers, Kylie is also a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to parties and offers a range of services such as party and event styling, cake decorating, graphic design and more!  Read her inspiring interview below. 

Tell us a little bit about YOU and your family …

Our family is my wonderful hubby Jason, gorgeous daughter Samara (3) and I.  I work part time for a church community and run Inspire Create Design from home.  It means we’re super busy, but we love that and wouldn't have it any other way. 

Tell us about what inspired you to open your business Inspire Create Design, the services you offer and what makes it awesome? 

Inspire Create Design started 4 years ago while I struggled through a difficult pregnancy with our daughter.  I started working from home just doing some fun, creative things in order to feel like I wasn't going insane.  Doing creative things has always been a hobby and I worked as a graphic designer for a 8 years before starting the business.  I started doing cakes when my daughter turned 1 and I had so many people comment on her birthday cake saying ‘you should go into business!’ So I did!  I started by doing some cakes for friends and family and the business has grown so much since then.

I branched out into party and event styling in 2012 and love being able to tailor unique invitations, cakes & sweets and decor into a wonderful party experience for people.  It seems crazy to people that I offer so many services, but as the business really is my creative outlet, I love a new challenge!  I do everything from wedding and party cakes and cupcakes, custom invitations & party styling, corporate graphic design and website design.  The website design is very ably supported by my husband Jason who has worked in IT for 15 years and provides all the tech support needed.  The invitations, printables, graphic design and web design side services Australia-wide, custom cake decorating, cupcakes and cake toppers is Perth metro area only, other WA areas occasionally in special circumstances.

Tell us out of all your designs, which one is your absolute favourite and why? 

So hard to decide!!!  It feels like I’m saying I’d have a favourite child!  But I think it would have to be the wedding for Michelle & Sebastian.  Such a beautiful & intimate event for 14 of their closest family and friends with a classic white & ivory vintage lace theme: View all the photos here;
Although a close second would have to be Samara’s Sunshine Party for her 3rd birthday – a great excuse to go way overboard for someone I love!  View all the photos here; 

What makes a birthday party special in your eyes?

The details.  There’s an old saying that ‘the devil is in the details’ but I think ‘the love is in the details’.   So many of the little things show the person you are celebrating how much you love them, but also shows your guests you are so glad they’re there to help you celebrate.

I don’t think you can achieve a beautiful, fluid theme without paying attention to the little things.  Its one of the reasons I love either being a part of the whole planning process – or just as much as the client needs me to be.  I love seeing how it all comes together, the cake, the invitations, the printables, the decorations, the gift bags.  There are some people that are great at ideas and yet not really able to figure out how to do them.  My sister in law says: ‘I love that you can make my great ideas come to life’.  She’s amazing at planning and imagining how things should look, but will always say she doesn't have the time or creative skills to make it happen the way she wants.  I love to come alongside people and help with just some details, or lots, depending on what they need.

What advice would you give to other mums& dads to help them create truly memorable parties for their children?

Only do what YOU want to do.  I think sometimes we bend to the pressure of what we think our mother-in-law wants or the other mums at school expect and stress ourselves out trying to please everyone.  When really the only one we really want to make happy is our child!  The next person we want to make happy is us:  if we’re not happy, or we’re stressed or we’re overwhelmed it has a follow on affect for those around us.

Think about the party your child would want.  Then think about the party you want and what you would enjoy attending.  And then do that.  If it means you do simple and stylish, great.  If it means the world’s biggest craziest sunshine party for a 3 year old, do it! 

Personally, I LOVE going over the top.  Not because my daughter would know one way or another if her party was over the top, but because I enjoy the process.  The planning, the baking, the decorating, the styling, the choices – for me it’s all fun!  I know it’s not fun for everyone though, which is why I love my job!  I consider it a real gift to be able to organise cake, invitations or a party for someone.  A gift because I get to help someone make their vision come to life, and a gift because I get such a buzz out of it all!

 Here are some examples of Kylie's lovely work;

To contact Kylie at InspireCreateDesign follow the links below;

Phone: 0414 820 473

Thank you Kylie for sharing your business with us. 

Kate xx

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