Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Turtleman saw our Party! How cool is that ...

Hi There!

Well back in July we had my son Declan's 4th Birthday party and we did a Turtleman & Gator Boys theme.  Based on two shows that Declan loves.

Well imagine my excitement and amazement the day after I posted Declan's party pictures on the Piece of Cake Parties & Celebrations Facebook page, I wake up to this comment ...

OMG - THE Call of the Wildman - Turtleman page has seen our party & took the time to comment.  How cool is that!

Then I go to check my PM's & they have sent me a message as well! Rodney the Social Media Manager for Turtleman had messaged saying that they would love to send something for Declan from Ernie (Turtleman) and the Guys. 

A few weeks later Declan received a personalised, signed Turtleman Photo in the mail.

One very excited little boy and family and we can not thank Rodney, Turtleman & the Crew enough for this really generous and lovely gesture.  We will always remember this and thank you so much for your kindness :)

So hows that hey, who would have thought that they would ever come across our little backyard party, let alone contact us about it.  Loving the Internet for making such connections possible and the kindness of this great team! 

This is being framed and is going straight to the pool room! 

Kate xxx

Did you see our Turtleman and Gator Boys Party ?  See it here